Network Neuroscience

Here are some resources I found interesting and useful while learning about network neuroscience. 

Introduction to the field

Highly recommend this book for anyone getting started: Fundamentals of Brain Network Analysis, introduces and explains techniques for modeling brain networks as graphs, also covers measures for quantifying their topological and spatial organization.

OHBM on-demand how-to: network neuroscience – a course presents the fundamental concepts, and the slide.

A Tutorial in Connectome Analysis: Topological and Spatial Features of Brain Networks.

A protocol for working with open-source neuroimaging datasets

Also our review paper ‘Beyond nodes and edges: a bibliometric analysis on graph theory and neuroimaging modalities’, offers some insights into the intricate dynamics of brain network research.

In our review, we listed the top ten most cited references:

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Brain parcellations

Brain parcellation survey – a systematic comparison of parcellation methods for the human cerebral cortex.

Schaefer2018 – local-global parcellation of the human cerebral cortex from intrinsic functional connectivity MRI.


Nilearndecoding data, computing parcellations, analyzing, also beautiful brain visualization.

Network Repository – A graph and network repository containing large real-world networks and benchmark datasets.