My First Letter

If people can see the world differently, the possibilities are endless.

Makliya Mamat  /  February 15, 2022

This year, in January 2022, I created my first website that comes with full hopes and dedications for the future years ahead. This is the first annual letter I plan to write about my thoughts on various fields throughout the year and the things I learn which will help to build a better future. Looking back on the times that went through, I have learned so many things and ideas, still there’s more and more.

We, as humans living in beloved home Earth, are a way for the cosmos to know itself. Therefore, learning and thinking skeptical questions is an ingredient not only for scientific reasons but also for a better understanding of our lives as humankind. I will take time to reflect and share my perspective on issues as climate change, global health, education, sustainable development, etc. And the work yet to be done by this generation. 

We live in an age based on science and technology, if we, the general public, don’t understand science, know nothing about it, then who will make the choices scientifically and determine what kind of future our next generation lives in. So I have the notion that always celebrate the natural wonders that remain, and reveal what we must preserve to ensure people and nature thrive.

In the progress of writing blogs online, I will touch upon some of the things that are on top of my mind. Though, there are so many important issues and interesting topics to write about. I feel very lucky to be able to inspire more people to do great work in their fields, and I am also grateful to share and do this work with many opportunities I have.

The future doesn’t just happen. It’s something we believe in first, then build together. That’s how progress starts. Not as a sure thing or accurate statistics, but as a choice, made with hope, by people who believe a better future really is possible for all.

I hope when people read my letters or blogs in the future, they see how hopeful and enthusiastic I am about the future. Then get more or less inspiration from it and get involved in the progress that leads to a brighter tomorrow. Because I believe if you can see the world differently, the possibilities are endless.

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